Medical Air Systems for Healthcare Facilities

Scientific air systems are a fundamental ingredient of all hospitals and most diverse healthcare facilities. The engineer have to pick into consideration expense, potential, bodily dimension and weight, space barriers, and mechanical and electrical utility availability in selecting a system for a particular project. It’s needed to coordinate the instruments decisions with the owner as […]

Scientific air systems are a fundamental ingredient of all hospitals and most diverse healthcare facilities. The engineer have to pick into consideration expense, potential, bodily dimension and weight, space barriers, and mechanical and electrical utility availability in selecting a system for a particular project. It’s needed to coordinate the instruments decisions with the owner as successfully as diverse engineering and architectural disciplines.

The principle precedence is lifestyles security. Scientific air is used for respiratory therapy and calibration of clinical devices for respiratory application. Offering smooth, oil-free air is required. The clinical air system must restful no longer be used to present air for any diverse reason (e.g., health facility laboratory use) attributable to the alternatives for contamination of the distribution system. If a patient inhales clinical air rotten by oil from a defunct compressor or nitrogen from a brazing purge, the penalties shall be irreversible. Moreover, a utility or pipeline shutdown must restful be coordinated with the health facility workers to cease an accidental service termination whereas patients are connected to the system. Engineers needs to be responsive to the requirements sooner than designing any clinical gas system.

Distribution Systems

Scientific compressed air systems must restful be designed to cease the introduction of contaminants or liquid into the pipeline. Scientific air systems have to:

• be provided from cylinders, bulk containers, or clinical air compressor sources; or reconstituted from oxygen USP and oil-free, dry nitrogen

• meet requirements of the clinical air

• collect no detectable liquid hydrocarbons

• collect fewer than 25 ppm gaseous hydrocarbons

• collect 5 mg/m3 or less of eternal particulates sized 1 micron or elevated at customary atmospheric stress.

In a conventional fully functioning healthcare facility, the clinical air is provided by a excessive-stress cylinder manifold system or a clinical air compressor system. Manifold distribution systems in most cases are used in facilities that maintain little or no anticipate for clinical air. Scientific air compressor vegetation in most cases are for elevated facilities.

Existing facilities would maybe pick to bolster their instruments and linked pipeline or add clinical air vegetation because the power expands. When selecting part of instruments for a unique facility, the probability of future enlargement needs to be opinion of as. To enable for future increase, it’s appropriate observe to be conservative in sizing a system.

Duplex Scientific Air Compressor Source Systems

An engineer on the total has more choices on hand when designing for a unique facility than for a renovation or replacement project. Electrical and mechanical utilities would maybe moreover be more without pain calculated, and chilled water, ventilation, and electrical providers would maybe moreover be sized and adequately positioned. The particular schematic collect contains a successfully-ventilated, without pain accessible mechanical room dedicated to clinical gas instruments.

In selecting a clinical air compressor for an strengthen, the engineer would maybe maintain some pain attributable to mechanical utility inefficiencies (e.g., terrible chilled water positive, a poorly ventilated mechanical space). The local electric utility would maybe no longer strengthen the pump association, or terrible instruments earn admission to would maybe require breakdown of instruments substances at a foremost payment amplify. It’s crucial to behavior thorough surveys of the encompassing mechanical space and utilities sooner than figuring out the very best form of compressor for the project.

It’s an precise suggestion to rating bigger than one form of compressor at the schematic collect segment. You need to restful collect a master opinion that reveals gift anticipate and estimated spare potential. The owner would maybe have to invent a payment estimate sooner than making a remaining resolution.

Kinds of Compressors

All clinical air compressors must restful be ready to bring compressed air that does no longer collect oil. This text particularly affords with clinical air systems for Level 1 hospitals.

There are three acceptable forms:

• Oil-free compressors: These reciprocating compressors don’t maintain any oil film on surfaces uncovered to air being compressed. They enact maintain oil within the machine and require separation of the oil-containing fragment from the compression chamber by no longer no longer as much as 2 seals. The interconnecting shaft and seals must restful be visible without disassembling the compressor.

• Oilless compressors: These reciprocating or rotary-scroll compressors enact no longer maintain oil within the machine. Lubrication is proscribed to seal bearings.

• Liquid ring pump: These rotary air compressor pumps maintain a water seal. It’s suggested that a heat exchanger be utilized to conserve seal water.

Scientific air compressor vegetation needs to be sized to abet height calculated anticipate when the largest compressor is out of service. In an efficient collect of a elevated system (i.e., three pumps or more), every compressor is sized to handle an equal share of the height anticipate and invent redundancy. There by no blueprint needs to be fewer than two compressors.

Accessory Instruments

Several objects of mechanical instruments accompany the clinical air compressor system:

• Intake: The compressor’s air intake must restful be positioned open air, above roof level, and no longer no longer as much as 10 ft from any door, window, diverse intake, or diverse opening. Intakes must restful be turned down, screened, and outfitted with intake filter mufflers. These filters in finding sizable amounts of particulates (cramped particles of solid or liquid matter suspended within the air) and contaminants at the compressor inlet.

• Air receiver: The role of the air receiver is to store air and steadiness stress adaptations. It will have to maintain a elephantine-dimension bypass as successfully as a manual and automatic drain to in finding any nonetheless condensate. It have to meet American Society of Mechanical Engineers ( ) Section 8 boiler and stress vessel construction requirements. The receiver is sized per system anticipate, compressor dimension, and compressor working times.

• Compressed air dryer: The dryer is used to in finding water vapor from the air stream. At a minimum, it would restful be a duplex system valved to enable one unit to be serviced. Dryers needs to be of the desiccant twin-tower form, sized for 100% of calculated load at collect stipulations. They needs to be rated for 32°F (0°C).

• Duplex remaining filters: These needs to be rated for 100% system potential, with no longer no longer as much as 98% effectivity at 1 micron or elevated. The filter must restful be outfitted with a visual indicator showing the remaining filter ingredient lifestyles.

• Scientific air regulators: Regulators assist watch over the stress of the air system. They needs to be sized for 100% of the system’s height calculated anticipate at collect stipulations. Stress regulators needs to be quandary to present the most a long way away outlet with 50-psig clinical air.

• Terror sensors: A clinical air compressor will have to maintain panic sensors positioned nearby the put they would maybe moreover be for all time monitored by health facility personnel. Conventional alarms are for excessive stress, low stress, and diverse pain (e.g., lead/trudge pump operation, excessive temperature, excessive dew level, carbon monoxide). Extra panic indicators would maybe moreover be added hoping on the form of compressor and the owner’s favor.

• Anti-vibration mountings: These needs to be provided for the compressors, receiver, and dryers, as required by the producer.


Scientific air piping is sized in accordance with the calculated high-tail price in cubic feet per minute (cfm). Compressed air piping is constructed of brazed form-L copper ready for oxygen service. The piping must restful be pitched toward the central plant, maintain drains at low components and it would restful be valved and acknowledged.

The high-tail price for clinical air outlets on the total is 1 cfm. The pipeline high-tail price is calculated by counting the replacement of connected clinical air outlets and applying a use ingredient. The high-tail price from the total replacement of outlets is called the total connected load. Because no longer all outlets are in most cases used at the identical time, a simultaneous use ingredient needs to be utilized to lower the system high-tail price. The price is then utilized to the sizes of the pipeline and compressors. The American Society of Plumbing Engineers ( ) has developed a table that quantifies clinical air usage in diverse areas of the health facility.

When the total connected load has been calculated and the use ingredient has been utilized, the major pipeline and compressor instruments would maybe moreover be successfully sized and selected.

In summary, engineers have to pick care when sizing and specifying clinical air instruments to meet the wants of the healthcare facility and its patients. Sooner than starting a project, collect particular to ascertain the requirements pertaining to clinical gas systems of the most most modern codes. Every the information at hand and technology are growing on a day-to-day foundation, and it’s miles the engineer’s accountability to learn.