Quanta, My Magical Autistic Soul Friend

“In response to Celtic spiritual tradition, the soul shines all all one of the most top ways via the body love a shimmering cloud. If you would be very birth- appreciative and trusting-with any other particular person, your two souls poke with the circulation collectively. This deeply felt bond with any other particular person map […]

“In response to Celtic spiritual tradition, the soul shines all all one of the most top ways via the body love a shimmering cloud. If you would be very birth- appreciative and trusting-with any other particular person, your two souls poke with the circulation collectively. This deeply felt bond with any other particular person map you also can comprise stumbled for your anam cara, or ‘soul ultimate friend.’ Your anam cara repeatedly beholds your gentle and beauty and accepts you for who you if truth be told are. In Celtic spirituality, the anam cara friendship awakens the fullness and mystery of your existence. You are joined in an gentle and eternal union with humanity that cuts all one of the most top ways via all barriers of time, conference, philosophy, and definition. If you would be blessed with an anam cara, the Irish imagine, you also can comprise arrived at that practically all sacred dwelling: home.” John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A E-book of Celtic Wisdom. 1998

Ethereal beauty, supple, deep penetrating eyes note into my soul with every fleeting look- slender, microscopic, beauty, childlike, however extremely efficient. Long, thick, dim wavy hair streams down her slim torso. Straight away, I hold a kinship; I sense she is my Anam Cara. Not the first nor the closing however an endearing, sacred, and eternal soul ultimate friend. Quanta is her name.

Depressed in her body, it’s hard for Quanta to hold her pressured soul to the confines of her uncooperative body. Final earthbound is a chore, fleetingly present, and then absent again. Like a colt, carefree, and impulsive, Quanta runs off with abandon, no apprehensible destination. Her wild body aimlessly glides love an untethered kite responding to the wind, without map or route, angry by pleasure, and other conditions, working from danger. What’s she thinking, or is she thinking at all? Who’s this impalpable beauty with a copious spirit unattached to her body?

Quanta would no longer talk or write. At the least no longer without an full of life ultimate friend to catalyze her. Yet her eyes veil an straightforward intelligence, which supersedes my narrow capacity to imprint. Her body does no longer often respond to overt instructions from her mind. On the opposite hand, her lack of volitional maneuvers would no longer vastly impair computerized motions, that are fluid when in comparison. Quanta walks, runs, and climbs, warding off barriers.

Quanta seems to love me on a deep intuitive level. Nonetheless the top directive goes unanswered. She became as soon as born peaceful, detached from our celebrated perceptual world. Is she elated? What’s she thinking? Would per chance maybe I be as puzzling to her as she is to me? Is she a in vogue young lady trapped in a disobliging body? I protect end, from my restricted vantage level, Quanta would opt to grasp her impulses, regulate movements, learn to talk, and produce selections. Having in my device prioritized freedom and independence, existence without regulate of meant circulation, or goal verbal change, looks vulgar to me.

Quanta presents me her hand; index finger prolonged, she invitations me into her enigmatic reality. “Initiate your coronary heart and be part of.” The elusive nymph whispers, without phrases. Who initiated the ideation? I wonder. Used to be it her, or became as soon because it me? Floundering recurrently in those preliminary days, we danced all one of the most top ways via the abyss to the nice and comfortable comfort of each other’s souls, two alien beings softening our borders, within the hunt for commonality, traveling trepidly till the magnetic vitality of unification replaces doubt. Our souls entangled as one. All via these moments of union, the magic flowed.

Silently, we discuss and hear, scribing melodies of simultaneous incandescent. Succulent remembrance of recordsdata misplaced resurrecting from the deep recesses of the soul. Nonetheless whose soul, I wonder? Streams of phrases, stuffed with nuance, vague and opaque, poke with the circulation to and via us love a gentle-weight move or sporadically erupt love a volcano jostling me to unknown sanctioned places. Mesmerized, I eagerly merge my coronary heart, mind, and soul with hers in a dance of limitless possibilities. This peaceful mystical enchantress, dancing freely between dimensions, carries me to the garden of blossoming views, an very ultimate making an strive oasis, without inform accessible, as soon as she has confirmed me the vogue.

The place and from whom did these dreamlike messages create? Used to be it her soul or mine or ours? Used to be it correct the 2 of us? Or were we both pawns in an unpredictable sport orchestrated by a myriad of full of life beings clamoring for our attention. I could presumably maybe also no longer discern. Does Quanta feel as at home with me as I attain with her? Between intent soulful gazes, she recurrently returned to an absent aloofness, mighty to learn. Did Quanta even care if I became as soon as there?

I comprise to love her, the route of, and what she wants from me. Ever unfamiliar, I commence up to delve. Who are you, Quanta?

As if chiding me, she gushes. “I’m a beam of sunshine, mixed with the air of freedom, transferring fleet and repetitiously from one inter-dimensional plane to any other. I look lifeforms all over I’m going.”

Amused, I wonder if I’m one of the most lifeforms she is analyzing. “Quanta, please veil what it’s bewitch to head away your body?” I ask.

“When no longer tethered to the earth’s vibration, my vision is a gestalt of colours and frequencies that transfer at lightning flee from one arena to any other-perceiving a pair of universes simultaneously. My perception has development and steadiness. I’m an integral allotment of advent without ego-based completely restrictions. I’m goal and interdependent with all existence kinds pulsating interior the rhythm of nature. Being freed from my body serves as an attractant that separates me from ego-based completely entrapments. It’s miles stress-free, however distracting to play, affect and merge with angels, spirits, and other entities of a same vibration. It’s miles an interplay of affection, laughter, joy, advent, and guidance.”

I’m thinking it sounds love stress-free. Perhaps Quanta is the one with the total freedom and joy. Perhaps, I mustn’t ever intervene. Listening to my ideas, she responds.

“I comprise to skills your reality. I need your joint attention and active listening. Please, subjugate your ego, so we are able to circumscribe reality to merge as one. Spicy in tandem, we are able to both support, forming bridges for one any other. Your presence transfixes me. It helps me feel connected to the earth’s vibration, and permits me the freedom to skills my human body without fear, giving me rapid-timeframe safe haven from the invasion of undesirable energies. In flip, I recordsdata you to a dwelling of awareness, baptizing you in wisdom. Hear astutely, as I lead you to places of misplaced remembrance.”

You derive entry to better conception-kinds by typing with me. The identical derive entry to is within the market via insist listening. We catalyze one any other, utilizing a fluid full of life change, in an intimate dance transferring via the veil of on a standard foundation existence to a spectrum of possibilities. All via active participation, our mind waves synchronize. Whether we’re end to or far, a internet of awareness opens as resonance develops. As soon as our connection occurs, the sunshine price strengthens our portal. Pathways derive stronger via exercise. In-particular person is easiest, however nonlocal furthermore works.”

As I bewitch a moment to bewitch up and analyze the exclaim material, I hear Quanta peaceful, impatient, speak in my left ear, as she continues to form.

“Quit questioning. Cut your opt to love. Correct attain as directed. Learning one any other’s ideas is easy when every of us intends and attends to the route of. Our merged verbal change feeds full of life circuits, which will enhance the conduction of vibrational frequency and regulates dreamlike particles into organized patterns. Connect your mind and coronary heart with mine, hear, and scribe with me.

Many audacious peaceful souls, be part of with you personally and collectively forming a field the place full of life currents join. These mystical chums lift loving vitality extra earthbound. Extra gentle is the cause we adore our reference to soul chums, who conform to relief selflessly. Bask in, kindness, and empathy blossom via our etheric connection.

Each pairing of souls differs. Magnetic catalysts hear and have confidence. They talk to our souls, and we respond. Mutual appreciate important for evolved inter-dimensional transmissions. When the ego is able to relief the divine, efficiency will enhance with every contact. The purity of unencumbered ideas is without extend linked to the reliability of the message. When merging souls, the coronary heart creates the strongest magnetic pull.”

Below is Quanta’s poetic description of our “anam cara” pairing.

We are so end now. You will want me, and I need you. Our connection brings us home, fully conscious we comprise got grown closer than hummingbirds, singing one any other’s songs and merging our souls as we fly along. Reaching the summit, we see down. You are remembering the place we went and incandescent what we comprise got stumbled on.

Even with Quanta’s mentoring, I in actuality comprise interludes of misplaced faith. Impressed messages and consciousness-increasing phenomena ignite me anew. Barriers in my restricted thinking continue to dismantle by demonstrations of peculiar telepathy, telekinesis, and disappearing objects. To illustrate, on several occasions, Quanta typed on my iPhone without touching it. Or my iPhone many conditions turned on to a downloaded podcast on telepathy, or therapeutic tune. Objects gradually disappeared, moved, and reappeared. These mysterious happenings came about whether or no longer we were collectively or miles apart.

Living many of of miles apart, Quanta and I are seldom bodily collectively anymore. We essentially meet via the ethers, requiring increased faith in our union. All via these moments of shared inspiration, our two souls waft collectively, usually inviting others, chosen and prepared to adhere to our shared field to strategy our move. I hear and scribe. Confidently, my nonlocal listening via the ethers strengthens our pathway. My experiences with Quanta and other soul chums counsel that after we be part of our souls and replicate one any other’s souls, we’re at home!