Some $*&%! Stole My Identity to Collect Unemployment Benefits

My name is Lonnie, and I’m a sufferer of identification theft. So take a look at this out. A buddy of mine wrote a Fb put up about how someone stole his daughter’s Social Security number and filed for unemployment advantages with Washington Command’s Employment Security Division (ESD). Having now not in any admire happened […]

Some $*&%! Stole My Identity to Collect Unemployment Benefits

My name is Lonnie, and I’m a sufferer of identification theft.

So take a look at this out. A buddy of mine wrote a Fb put up about how someone stole his daughter’s Social Security number and filed for unemployment advantages with Washington Command’s Employment Security Division (ESD). Having now not in any admire happened to me, I sure to scramble to ESD and strive and file an unemployment claim. After I entered the conception I purchased the next message:

The Social Security number (SSN) you entered already exists and is linked to this partly hidden email tackle:

WHAT??!!??!? I’ve now not in any admire filed an unemployment claim in my total existence, and I unquestionably have not in any admire used an email tackle at Who the #$%^%! is this?

I learn extra and noticed the next message:

If you have you must well furthermore very effectively be a sufferer of unemployment imposter fraud – when criminals illegally discover for unemployment advantages the usage of one more particular person’s private and employment data – document it! Expend the make on the Employment Security Division (ESD) internet page. Then wait to listen to from ESD.

I could perchance now not have it. I became once for the first time in my existence a sufferer of identification theft. And it wasn’t by the extra worn direction of credit card or banking fraud; it became once by unemployment advantages fraud.

As I navigated the what make you make about it direction, I realized rather a lot regarding the occurrence of identification fraud and proper model how exposed I became once. Experian, unquestionably one of the three credit reporting corporations, printed some peep-popping statistics (all as of 2017).

  • 158 million Social Security numbers exposed in data breaches
  • 14.2 million credit card numbers exposed
  • $905 million in total fraud losses
  • 13,852 identification theft complaints affecting younger other folks and youths
  • 60,000 complaints of mail theft
  • 883,000 confirmed identification theft tax returns
  • 27% of data breaches were scientific or healthcare linked

Identification theft is staunch. The negative guys are artful and only care about getting your money. The inconvenience, frustration, and scare they scramble away of their wake means nothing to them. If you have it ought to no longer happen to you then you is at likelihood of be living below a rock.

As a results of my abilities, I sure to compile all the things I did to envision for fraud dispute and the steps I took after I stumbled on unemployment advantages fraud happened. With any luck these are precious to you as effectively.

  1. Overview your credit document at for rogue accounts. You would make this for gratis once a yr. Do now not be lulled staunch into a inaccurate sense of security if all the things appears factual. Issues safe unemployment advantages don’t uncover up on the document. You ought to make extra digging.
  2. Verify to leer if someone has used your SSN to file an unemployment claim. In the narrate of Washington scramble to ESD Steady Entry Washington and follow the directions to make a Steady Entry Washington chronicle. Here’s how I stumbled on out someone filed unemployment advantages the usage of my name and SSN.
  3. Ask a Social Security Account Statement for any profit claims against your SSN.
  4. Ask an IRS Transcript in your tax submitting history.
  5. Verify in case your private data became once incorporated in the Equifax battain which happened between Might perchance perhaps and July of 2017 that exposed the non-public data of 140 million People. My SSN became once unquestionably one of the 140 million.

If there became once spurious dispute, score the next steps:

  1. Poke to Federal Exchange Commission internet page The salvage page walks you by blueprint of steps to score relying in your grief.
  2. File a fraud document in conjunction with your narrate. In Washington you file with ESD.
  3. File a police document in conjunction with your native police department.
  4. File an IRS Identification Theft Affidavit.
  5. File an Equifax Fraud Alert. This lets credit card corporations know you were a sufferer of identification theft. In conserving with Equifax this places extra assessments in space to explore for spurious dispute. They furthermore express Experian and Transunion of the theft. I will no longer discuss as to if or no longer it is efficient at this point however if truth be told feel it could well now not damage to make it.
  6. If the theft became once scientific-linked, file a effectively being-privacy criticism with the US Division of Neatly being & Human Services.

No matter whether or no longer you must well furthermore private spurious dispute, I strongly imply you make the next:

  1. Command a credit freeze in your document with Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. A credit freeze restricts safe admission to to your credit document. Nonetheless, whenever you intend to appear at for a credit card, bank chronicle, or mortgage it is far predominant to unfreeze your credit with each of the bureaus then freeze it again after the inquiry has been made. A minute inconvenience when put next to someone opening a credit card in your name the usage of your private data.
  2. Command up mail or text alerts in conjunction with your bank and credit card corporations for any transactions with an amount increased than zero. The substantial financial services and products corporations offer alert alternatives that you simply must well customize. You are going to safe an alert any time the cardboard is used, which some could perchance furthermore gain demanding, however again I would quite delete a notification email or text than private someone plug rampant with my credit card or bank chronicle.
  3. Command up two-notify authentication in your accounts. Moreover identified as two-step authentication, this enforces a 2nd form of authentication as effectively as to a password (i.e. a text message, fingerprint, or email verification) if someone tries to log into unquestionably one of your accounts.
  4. Expend a crosscut shredder for any paperwork containing private data. This furthermore involves any credit card or financial services and products provides you with could perchance furthermore safe in the mail.
  5. If your narrate provides, set an chronicle that lets you register your SSN and safe admission to on-line services and products of extra than one narrate companies. In the narrate of Washington here is called Steady Access Washington. You would furthermore must make some digging in your narrate however it absolutely’s price it.
  6. Be cautious regarding the usage of public WIFI; specialize in regarding the usage of a Virtual Personal Community (VPN) whenever you safe admission to aloof private data on public networks.
  7. Be certain you furthermore overview accounts for a cherished one, spouse, accomplice, and childhood.

Identification theft is staunch, and it ought to happen to you. The negative guys will now not in any admire scramble away, however you must well set apart it extra sophisticated for them by placing some preventative measures in space to guard you and your loved ones participants from identification theft.

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